Do you have a tractor? How about jewelry?

Spring has sprung and WHY is Amy on a tractor?

Well, its that time of year to bring the toys out of storage, clean them up and hit the road, water or camping sites. But before you do give us a call to make sure you have the proper coverage in place. Maybe you added a new awning for your camper or purchased a tractor/mower that might be used to maintain both your property and your aunt’s down the street. It may need to be added so you have the full protection you desire. Click on the video, laugh a little and learn something new too! Wait for the blooper at the end and give us a call!

Did you sit in line at the gas station last week? Most of us did and why? Because of a cyber attack on a gas pipeline company. Cyber issues seem to be affecting all of us these days directly or indirectly. Many have asked how to best protect ourselves. Well, first we all need to be more proactive in protecting our personal information and one of the best ways is to create and use passwords that are at least 12 characters long and don’t use the same password over and over. The other is having coverage in place in case you need to file a claim. We offer personal cyber coverage as well as business cyber. It can be devastating so let’s take a moment to discuss your concerns and how we can best protect you. Many of you may not be aware that your home insurance policy MAY have cyber coverage added, call us to verify!

Let’s all enjoy this new season. My team and I are working hard to serve you beyond your expectations so if you know someone who is looking for Excellent Service, Superior and Complete Protection send them our way! They will thank you for it and we do too!

Stay protected,
Trey Siner

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You Love It, We Insure It

Maybe it’s the motorcycle that’s been sitting silent all winter. Or the RV in storage, or a shiny new boat. Whatever it is, now is the time to take out your favorite “toy.”
When you do, it pays to think about how to protect it from accidents, bad weather and more. “Most of these toys can be added to your auto policy,” says Dave Freeman, vice president in Personal Lines at Erie Insurance. “This means you’ve only got one policy to keep track of and one bill to pay.” Read on to learn more about how ERIE covers each one.
How to Get Your Boat Ready for Summer
You spent the winter months dreaming of being out on the water and it’s finally here: beautiful weather you can enjoy on your boat. Before you set sail, make sure your boat and your boating equipment are prepped and ready for the season by following these tips…
Must-Know Boating Safety Tips
Warm weather means long, relaxing days out on the water with your friends and loved ones. Regardless of how long you’ve been boating, it’s helpful to brush up on boating safety best practices to help avoid an accident.
What is Boat Insurance and Why Do You Need It?
You cherish your boat, and the memories you make there are the reason your investment is worth every penny. Having the right insurance coverage for your boat can help you float on worry-free.
Boating with Dogs: Expert Shares Top 10 Water Safety Tips
To compile a list of the top boater safety tips, we asked passionate animal lover Lindsey Wolko to share her recommendations. Wolko follows trends closely as the founder and CEO of the Center for Pet Safety, a nonprofit research and consumer advocacy organization dedicated to improving the safety of pet lives and products.
We’re Right Here Beside You When…
“Always excellent customer service. Most people think of insurance as a commodity and make decisions based on price alone. Trey Siner’s team has really earned my business by being highly customer-focused.”
– George O.

Most states and communities are open for business!!

Be mindful of following safety procedures, but get out there and support your local economy!

Understanding Homeowner's Insurance

Purchasing homeowner’s insurance is not only critical for protecting your home, your personal property and against any potential liability, but if you have a mortgage, your lender will require it.

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