Looking Towards 2020!

Each time a new year is approaching I take time to reflect on the past and look to the future. 2020 represents a new year, new decade, new vision and new goals for me. As I read books about being still and developing as a higher performing leader I am reminded to “be where you are planted, yet look towards the future and plan for what is most important to you”.

Being still does not mean sitting on the couch and staring at a wall. To me it means hitting the beach with my wife, hiking, fishing, boating, chopping wood, just being active outside of work and my normal routine. Being still allows my mind to wander and think. It improves my thought process making it easier to create a fruitful vision for my life and business. One must remember to “be where you are planted” means being present where you are. Not at a restaurant with your family and staring at your phone or a business meeting scrolling through social media. Be engaged where you are. Also “be where you are planted” means to enjoy what you are doing right now and not only celebrating once you reach your goal… enjoy the process, the adventure, the challenges and the outcome.

As I look forward to 2020 and beyond I know it will bring many new wonderful opportunities for growth and overcoming obstacles. I will hit them head on with certainty and strength, with my wife, family and team beside me all reaching for the same. I cheer you on as well. Let’s create something extraordinary in 2020 and beyond.. let’s be still, be present, be focused and be proactive!

Be well my friends,
Trey Siner

New Year, New Look!

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Local Events

Billy Graham Library: Then Sings My Soul

January 10 – March 31, 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Jim Avett & Friends at the Davis Theater

January 31, 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Pets, Paints, and Pints at Cabarrus Brewing Co.

January 21, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Carolina Bridal Fair

January 19, 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Unfortunately it happens often…a newly purchased vehicle not being added to the insurance policy. ? And sometimes this only comes to light when a claim occurs. But the story is always the same, “The dealership told me they were going to call my agent.” But it seems more often than not, dealerships are not calling which leaves a customer and our agency in a bind when a claim has occurred, and the car is not on the policy. ‼️ Even if the dealership does call, receiving multiple calls to add a vehicle is much better than the alternative!!

If you haven’t received ID cards from our agency, there is a very good chance the vehicle has not been added yet so please call us. It is also a good habit to review any policy information that comes to you from your insurance carrier. This will not only verify that all vehicles are correct on your policy but it will always familiarize you more with your coverages. Being informed about the coverages you have will make you more prepared when a claim happens.

We’re Right Here Beside You When…

“When my 18 year old totaled her car it was like all hands on deck at Trey Siner! I’ve had many insurance companies by name only and this was a real company that went above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced!”

Gerald M., customer since 2017


If there are ANY storm reports (wind, ice, hail, etc), you can bet on an influx of out-of-state roofers and scammers known as “storm chasers”.

Here are a few tips for spotting them:

1. The roofer says they will get you in touch with an independent adjuster or public adjuster and you won’t have to “deal” with your own insurance – you will only work through the independent/public adjuster. Sometimes, the independent/public adjuster will encourage you to NOT speak with your agent or carrier. Typically, the independent/public adjuster is an associate of the roofer and will get a “cut” of the deal.

2. Out-of-state license plates. Anyone can get an in-state phone number and address, easily. You can buy a phone at a gas station with a local number. Some even use a PO Box as their local “business address”. However, an in-state license plate is more difficult (and more costly) to achieve.

3. They come to your house, without you calling them to come. Some are leaving flyers in mailboxes and canvassing neighborhoods.

4. They say they can file it on your insurance on your behalf. This is ILLEGAL. Only the named insured can file a claim on their property. This would be similar to an auto body shop filing a claim to fix a ding on your car just because you got an estimate with them.

5. Longer Warranty offered. Storm chasers will offer a warranty better than other roofers – because they know they won’t be around when the warranty expires.

6. They ask for payment in full.

7. They sometimes ask you to sign a contract while they give you an estimate. An estimate should be free and you do NOT need to sign anything to receive one.

8. They say they can cover your deductible. That is insurance fraud.

Be aware! If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

Call Trey Siner Insurance Group at (704) 795-6878 with ANY questions or concerns.

We’re Right Here Beside You!

Term vs. Whole Life Insurance:
Which Do You Need?

by Lauren Sovisky on September 26, 2019

Life is always changing – which is why it’s important to review your insurance needs and make sure your coverage is keeping up with your life. Whether you’re entering adulthood or nearing retirement, you may have a need for life insurance… but understanding which policy is best for you can be confusing. Let’s talk term and whole life insurance to help you find which benefits you the most, at any stage of life.

Be Proactive!

Recently we covered a water damage claim for a broken water line in a dishwasher. Water ran out on the floor and then down into the basement. This is all too common! Most appliances are made with a cheap plastic water line that can and will fail over time. Unless you pull your appliances out from the cabinet every time you sweep and you check on the line you have no idea what’s going on back there! So you want to be PROACTIVE you say? Great we want you to as well! Head over to your local home improvement store and grab some braided lines (see picture) and replace ALL your water lines for the dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, sinks, toilets and whatever else you may have that has water flowing through it! This will not only save you a ton of hassle but $$$ as well….remember everyone has a deductible and if a claim is flied it is likely you will see a rise in your renewal premium. A helpful hint: If we all can be proactive and take care of the small stuff the insurance company can take care of the large stuff!

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