The Earth Moves Under My Feet!

Did you feel that? About 2 weeks ago I was on vacation at Oak Island, NC and while I was outside fishing on the dock the house moved. I did not feel it but my wife called out and said “Did you move something or drop something to make the house shake?” Nope! But the earth shook and most people felt it all over NC. That is a very unusual occurrence in our part of the country.

The reason I share this is a reminder that EARTHQUAKE COVERAGE typically is NOT COVERED on your home policy without an endorsement. That is going to be true with all carriers in NC. So if this is a concern for you please reach out and let us know! We can help!

A big part of the culture of our agency is Giving Back! No matter where I am I will try to find a way to contribute positively to the community I am visiting. Pictured here you will see me cleaning the Davis Canal at Oak Island. I removed trash cans, 8x8 pilings, ottomans, all sorts of debris, doors, chairs, picture frames and more. (See FB link here). Hurricane Isaias came through the week before and left behind a mess and lots of destruction! It took it as my responsibility to give back and help the community clean up. Such a great time helping people and a community I love. Imagine if we all Give Back in our own little worlds…Wow! The blessings would be so bountiful!!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer and let’s continue to do our individual part to make this a healthy and safe world! I appreciate you and thankful you have chosen us to serve you and your insurance needs!

Be well my friends!

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Cleaning Davis Canal in Oak Island after Hurricane Isaias.

We are seeing an increase in calls from our clients regarding storm chasers! Check out this video where we talk with Brandon Johnson with Southern Star Roofing regarding hail damage and how to avoid roof damage scams. 


If there are ANY storm reports (wind, ice, hail, etc), you can bet on an influx of out-of-state roofers and scammers known as “storm chasers”.

Here are a few tips for spotting them:

1. The roofer says they will get you in touch with an independent adjuster or public adjuster and you won’t have to “deal” with your own insurance – you will only work through the independent/public adjuster. Sometimes, the independent/public adjuster will encourage you to NOT speak with your agent or carrier. Typically, the independent/public adjuster is an associate of the roofer and will get a “cut” of the deal.

2. Out-of-state license plates. Anyone can get an in-state phone number and address, easily. You can buy a phone at a gas station with a local number. Some even use a PO Box as their local “business address”. However, an in-state license plate is more difficult (and more costly) to achieve.

3. They come to your house, without you calling them to come. Some are leaving flyers in mailboxes and canvassing neighborhoods.

4. They say they can file it on your insurance on your behalf. This is ILLEGAL. Only the named insured can file a claim on their property. This would be similar to an auto body shop filing a claim to fix a ding on your car just because you got an estimate with them.

5. Longer Warranty offered. Storm chasers will offer a warranty better than other roofers – because they know they won’t be around when the warranty expires.

6. They ask for payment in full.

7. They sometimes ask you to sign a contract while they give you an estimate. An estimate should be free and you do NOT need to sign anything to receive one.

8. They say they can cover your deductible. That is insurance fraud.

Be aware! If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

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8 Tips for Working from Home

Who doesn’t love getting a few extra minutes of shut-eye and the more casual dress code that comes along with working from home? Working remotely can be great – except when your dog decides he needs to go out, again. And has anyone else noticed how your neighbors seem to align their lawn mowing times to your conference call schedule?

Remote work has unique benefits and distractions, too. So how can you make working from home work for you?

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Meatless Meatballs

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I’m so grateful to Trey Siner and his entire team for their personal attentive advice on my various auto and life-insurance needs. The entire team is patient, empathetic and unparalleled in matching each situation and every line item. The goal of having insurance is never to use it; unfortunately only if you experience a bad situation will you realize how significant their administration is. I speak from experience and can highly recommend this team.
Helen P.

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Roof Shingle Performance Ratings

“Consumers deserve to have confidence that shingles labeled as impact resistant live up to expectations.​
IBHS and its members recognized the growing problem of hail damage in large regions of the United States and have devoted years to field and lab research to develop a new test standard for impact resistance.

To conduct testing, IBHS bought the major competing widely purchased impact-resistant shingles from standard distribution channels accessible to consumers, brought them to our lab, and tested them under scientifically replicated real-world conditions. The results offer unprecedented insights into the performance of shingles labeled as impact resistant.” READ MORE

Why Is Our Hail Unique from IBHS on Vimeo.

Most states and communities are open for business!!

Be mindful of following safety procedures, but get out there and support your local economy!

Student Loan Payment Relief Extension: What We Know

“One of the ways the federal government has been trying to calm the storm is through financial relief programs. And if you’re one of the 42.8 million student loan borrowers out there, then you might have gotten some temporary relief on your student loan payments through the CARES Act passed in March.1 But that was set to end September 30, 2020. Now with the crystal ball as hazy as ever, the president has passed an executive action to extend the emergency student loan deferment through December 31, 2020.2

Before you do your I-don’t-have-to-pay-my-student-loans-for-the-rest-of-the-year happy dance, hold on a sec. Let’s take a look at what we know about the student loan payment relief extension and if it applies to your situation.”

Should You Buy or Lease a Car?
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Should you buy or lease? If buying, should you go new or used? What about the interior: fabric or leather? When it comes to type: electric, gas or diesel?

While we can’t speak to your upholstery or fuel preferences, we can offer tips to save you time, money and stress. (We can also help when it comes to shopping for car insurance, too!)

How to Find Good Cheap Car Insurance

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