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It all started January 31, 1995 when I stood at my brother-in-law’s desk and told him that one day I wanted to have my own agency. Well after working 7 years to-the-day with him at Nationwide Insurance, I made a very tough and thought-out decision. While I was blessed to have grown an agency within the walls of Nationwide, I felt it was time. I was being led to start Trey W. Siner Insurance and Investment Group in my living room on February 1, 2002. I remember it all so well. After assembling a pre-made desk, installing a phone and turning on a 4-year-old laptop, I was ready to go.

It has been challenging, exciting and painful but most of all rewarding!  Most rewarding because the people of this community and surrounding areas have accepted me as one of their own and gave me an opportunity to be their trusted insurance advisor.  It’s never easy to start a business from scratch but trying to do so during the worst economic years of my working life put a little extra pressure on me to be my very best.  I have assembled an award winning team, chosen the best companies to represent and strive each day to give you our very best.  After all you deserve it!

Thank you to all who have helped make my dream become a reality, whether you are a friend, client or colleague. If you were not there for me I would not be here for you so thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I look forward to many more years of serving you.

Trey W. Siner