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Auto Insurance

Auto InsuranceIn the state of North Carolina, auto insurance isn’t just a need- it’s a requirement. By law, if you are an NC driver, you are required to carry auto insurance. However, there are vastly different types of insurance, and policies can be unique to each insured client depending on the client’s needs. Whether you have a brand new 16 year old driver on your policy, a senior citizen, or have been in a previous accident, there is a policy for you.

With the help of our agents at Trey Siner Insurance Group, not only can you get the policy you need for you and your family, but our agents can find discounts and other offers that can save you tremendous amounts on your car insurance. We will focus on your personal insurance needs and tailor a car insurance plan to perfectly fit your life.

What does your car insurance provide?

Your specific type of auto coverage will depend on your own personal needs. When deciding what type of insurance policy will be the best for your situation, we look at 6 different areas of coverage:

Bodily Injury Liability (required in NC)
This component is for medical expenses for individuals that are injured in an accident that you cause.
Property Damage Liability (required in NC)
This covers physical property damage from the accident, such as walls, vehicles, fences, mailboxes, etc. that could be damaged as a result of an accident you cause.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
Though insurance is required in NC, there are still some who foolishly drive without it or do not carry enough. This type of coverage will protect you from those drivers and will pay for medical and property expenses in the event that you are hit by a driver that does not have insurance coverage or is underinsured.
Medical Payments
While Bodily Injury Liability covers those in other vehicles that could be injured, this type of coverage is for yourself and other passengers in your own car in the event of an accident.
This coverage is for your own vehicle in the event of an at fault accident.
This component is for events that are not collisions but still cause damage or issues. These events might include theft, fire damage, a break in, a shattered windshield, hail damage, damage from an animal, and more.

Classic Car Insurance

We are proud to represent the leader in Classic Car coverage- Hagerty Insurance. Hagerty has a one-of-a-kind program that packages coverages and benefits specifically for classic car owners. Their claims department is trained to handle all the unique features of a classic car and therefore will provide the best in claims service. Additionally, their customer service team is trained to help agents make sure the right coverages are provided and to make sure the classic car is valued properly. Every member of the Hagerty staff from claims to service go through collector car training so they will be able to handle your questions and concerns.
Your classic car insurance policy is customized to your individual needs and offers liability and physical damage coverage. One great feature is the use of flatbed tow trucks for all towing claims. This protects the vehicle from further damage from the towing.
The guaranteed value clause is also beneficial for the collector car enthusiast. Knowing you are protected to the right value on your classic car will give you the best plan available. We are here to help you so please just give us a call for your classic car quote today!

Call or visit our office to meet with our agents and discuss what plan will be best for you! Whether you are looking for car insurance in Concord, NC or are located anywhere else in North or South Carolina, we can help you get affordable coverage for all of your needs.

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