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Why Choose Trey Siner Insurance?

Because we offer:
Excellent Service, Superior and Complete Protection

If you are looking to partner with insurance professionals whose sole focus is to offer the very best customer service humanly possible and to provide you with a customized insurance program that can meet or exceed your expectations, then you made the right choice.

That's what we do. We represent many different competing insurance companies which allows us to craft a personalized insurance plan to meet your family or business needs and budget. That's why you choose us: We’re Right Here Beside You.

"I was a State Farm customer for over 20 years and a letter from my home mortgage lender requesting additional monies for my home owner’s escrow caused me to look at what I was doing. I contacted Trey Siner and he helped to review my home owner’s policy. While he was doing that I also asked for him to review my automobile coverage as well. I found Trey to be very helpful and responsive and he explained the coverage that I had and how to interpret all of the documents being sent to the house each month from State Farm. Trey said that he would find a company that could help take care of my families’ home and auto insurance needs. He was able to use the products offered through Erie to not only replace my old policies for my home and car, but he found a way to increase my coverage’s and reduce my overall payments by over $600 annually."

Douglas R. Dreyer - Huntersville, NC

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